Best Electric Fireplace Reviews (Buying Guide 2017)

Electric fireplaces are a great way to add a touch of style and personality to your home. Unlike regular fireplaces, electric models are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and they don’t require regular maintenance.

Some people might argue that no electric fireplace fire animation could replace the real flames of a real fireplace, but at the same time you can’t just start and adjust the length of a real flame like you can do with an animated one. Electric fireplaces don’t need vents and fuel stores, and you can even move some of them from room to room.

The following article will explain how to choose the best electric fireplace for your house, what are the main differences between different types of fireplaces, and how to use them safely.

Read our electric fireplace reviews to find out which are the best selling models available on the market in 2017, and which are their pros and cons.

electric fireplace reviews
  • Cartwright FA9287E
  • BTUs: 1500
  • Heats: 400 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500
  • Voltage: 120V 12.5 amp
  • Heat settings: thermostat (62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: child safety lock, automatic shutoff
  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 15.5 x 40.2
  • Other features: wall or corner installation, flame intensity control, accommodates a flat panel TV up to 43.5" W
top electric fireplaces
  • Touchstone 80001
  • BTUs: 5118
  • Heats: 400 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500
  • Voltage: 120V 11 amp
  • Heat settings: 2 + thermostat
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: LED bulbs are cool to touch and mercury-free
  • Dimensions: 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.6
  • Other features: timer sets up to 7.5 hours, operates with or without heat, flame brightness settings
best electric fireplace
  • Lifesmart LS-IF1500-DOFP
  • BTUs: 5100
  • Heats: 1000 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500
  • Voltage: 110V 15 amp
  • Heat settings: 2 + thermostat
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: Overheat shut off
  • Dimensions: 11 x 29 x 23
  • Other features: E-Z glide casters, flame effect works with or without heat
best rated electric fireplaces
  • Real Flame 8020E-W
  • BTUs: 4700
  • Heats: 400 sq ft
  • Watts: 1400
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Heat settings: thermostat
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: anti-topple safety device
  • Dimensions: 47.4 x 9.5 x 41.9
  • Other features: timer function, brightness settings, and ultra bright VividFlame LED technology
  • Claremont FE9310
  • BTUs: 5000
  • Heats: 400 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500
  • Voltage: 120V 12.5 amp
  • Heat settings: thermostat (62-82 degrees at 4 degree intervals)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: automatic shutoff, thermal overload protector
  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 48 x 32.2
  • Other features: adjustable flame brightness control, accommodates up to a 50 inch flat screen tv, adjustable shelves
best electric wall mount fireplace
  • Moda Flame Houston 50"
  • BTUs: 5200
  • Heats: 400 sq ft
  • Watts: 1500
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Heat settings: 2 + no heat (flame effect)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Safety features: glass that stays cool to the touch
  • Dimensions: 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.65
  • Other features: timer sets up to 7.5 hours, flame effect power consumption is only 2.5W per hour

Top 6 Electric Fireplaces in 2017

Lifesmart LS-IF1500-DOFP Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplaceThis unit has some of the best electric fireplace heater reviews you’ll find online. The fireplace produces enough heat to warm up a space of up to 1,000 square feet, and the fire animation looks really realistic.

The electric fireplace produces heat using infrared technology, so it will heat up the objects in front of it directly, without warming up the air molecules. After those objects accumulate some heat they begin radiating it, warming the air over large surfaces.

The fireplace is surrounded by a beautiful oak mantle, which makes it a great addition to every room. This is a freestanding unit, so you’ll be able to move it around the house. The whole unit is supported by casters, so you’ll be able to push it where you want without having to lift it.


  • Infrared Heating – Infrared heating is great because it doesn’t dry up the air in a room. It’s great for those who suffer from allergies or even the common cold.
  • Remote Control – This unit has a remote control, so you’ll be able to change all of its settings remotely, as long as the remote has a clear line of sight to the fireplace.


  • Small – This is a small electric fireplace, so it might not be the best choice if you want it to be the central piece in a large room.
  • Short Power Cord – Having a short power cord makes placing this electric fireplace difficult if you want to respect the minimum three feet of clearance it need to run safely.


Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace reviewsThis unit’s heating capacity should provide enough supplemental heat for a space of up to 600 square feet. The flame animation displays flames, burning logs and embers which will slowly lose their glow once you turn the unit off.

The flame animation is very dynamic and it will pulse from dim to bright and the other way around when you turn it on or off. The animation can be started at the same time with the heater, or you can start each one separately if you want to.

This model has a remote control which will help you set the adjustable thermostat, timer, and the flame animation without having to get near the unit.


  • Convertible – You can either place this electric fireplace on a wall, or you can use the extension it has in the back and fit it into a corner. This is a great feature for smaller rooms.
  • Accommodates a TV – This fireplace’s mantel can accommodate a flat screen TV with a width of up to 43.5”, and weighs less than 85 lbs.


  • Assembly Required – This unit does not come fully assembled, so you’ll have to fit some pieces on your own. The assembly process is long, even if you follow the instructions, but only requires a screwdriver.
  • Color Is Darker – No matter what color you choose, the model you’ll receive will be a little darker than what you see online. This is a problem if you want the fireplace to match the rest of your furniture.


Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

top electric fireplacesThis wall mounted fireplace produces enough heat to warm up a room of up to 400 square feet. The unit weighs just under 46 pounds, so you’ll have no problem installing it on your own.

Step-by-step installation instructions are provided by the manufacturer, as well as the mounting bracket and the necessary drywall screws. The electric fireplace looks elegant, and it will enhance every room, from those with classic furnishing to the modern ones.

The flame animation is very realistic and has five different intensities. You can choose for the animation to display only a dull glow to a blazing firelight, and you can make all the changes with a remote.


  • Large – The great thing about choosing this large electric fireplace is that it doesn’t have a footprint. You can mount it on a clear wall and use it even in small or medium sized rooms.
  • Shut-off Timer – This unit has a shut-off timer, so you can lower your electricity bills by making sure it doesn’t run after you fall asleep.


  • No Thermostat – This electric fireplace doesn’t have a thermostat, so you have to turn it on or off manually if the room gets too warm or too cold.
  • No Remote Display – This unit can be fully operated with the remote, but it doesn’t show what changes you make, so you need to get close to the unit to see the display if you want to make the right adjustments.


Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace

best rated electric fireplacesThis electric fireplace produces up to 1,400 Watts of heat, enough to be used as a supplemental heat source for a medium room. The fireplace’s mantle is made out of solid wood and veneer MDF.

The electric heater requires only 9.5” of space near a wall, and you have to use the anti-tipping device it comes with to anchor it safely to the wall.

This fireplace has an amazing fluted columns finishing, and you can choose between a chestnut Oak or a white color.

The flame animation is very realistic and has different brightness settings. All of the fireplace’s settings can be modified using the remote control.


  • Looks Great – This is a real looking electric fireplace, and you will fool most of the people entering your house to think it’s real. This unit’s finishing is not very flashy and it doesn’t have lots of details, but it’s elegant looking.
  • Programmable Thermostat – This model has a programmable thermostat that actually works. Once you set a temperature, it will turn the heater on and off whenever it needs to keep it constant.


  • Assembly Required – If you chose this model, be ready to assemble it. It might be easier if you don’t tighten the mantel’s pieces together until the end of the assembly process, or the pieces might fit together badly.
  • Limited Heating Capacity – This electric fireplace has a limited heating capacity, and will only warm up small or medium sized rooms.


Claremont Convertible Media Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace can produce up to 1,500 W of heat, enough to provide warmth for a medium to large room, while staying cool to the touch.

This unit’s mantel can be converted to fit on a straight wall or in a corner, making it perfect to use in an already crowded room. The mantel can support a television with a width of up to 50” and a weight of up to 85 pounds. The mantel also has two side cabinets you can use to store various items. Each cabinet has two shelves you can move up and down 2 inches to fit more objects.

The flame animation is realistic and the electric fireplace has an adjustable thermostat.


  • Convertible – This unit will fit nice on straight walls or in a corner, so it gives you more options for placing it.
  • Accommodates a TV – This electric fireplace’s mantle can accommodate a television or anything else you wish to place on it, as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 85 lbs. This is a great way to make sure you use all the space in a room.


  • Assembly Required – If you chose this electric fireplace, you need to be prepared to spend a couple of hours or more assembling it. The mantle comes in a lot of pieces, and even if you follow the instructions, it will take you some time to assemble it.
  • Loud Beeping – Every time you change a setting, the electric fireplace makes a loud beeping sound. This may be a problem if you want to make any changes at night.


Moda Flame Houston

best electric wall mount fireplaceThis electric fireplace is capable of producing 1,500 Watts of heat, which should be enough to warm up a space of up to 400 square feet. Mounting this fireplace on the wall is easy, and you could do it by yourself, even though it might be better to have someone helping you with the installation.

The electric fireplace looks great and the flame animation is realistic. The flames’ intensity can change, depending on how much light you want it to produce, and you can run them separately from the heater.

This unit has a programmable shut-off timer you can set up to 7.5 hours. All the fireplace’s settings can be changed with a remote control.


  • Wall Mounted – This is one of the top electric fireplaces available on the market, and it’s great because it won’t take up any space. You just need to find an empty wall and mount it. You can even mount it on the same wall with your television as long as you respect the minimum clearance.
  • Great Design – This unit’s minimalist design makes it the best electric wall mount fireplace for modern and traditional homes at the same time. You can use it as a central piece in a home, or to enhance an already existing piece.


  • Short Power Cord – Having a short power cord means that your placement possibilities are limited, or that you have to bring a wall socket closer to the spot you intend to install the fireplace
  • No Display – Neither the fireplace nor the remote control has any displays, so you just change the options blindly.


Types of Electric Fireplaces

  • Wall Mounted

    This is one of the most popular types of electric fireplaces available on the market, and the reason for this popularity is its easy operation. Once you buy a wall mounted fireplace, all you have to do is plug it into a wall socket and you’re done. The most difficult operation you have to do is to screw the fireplace into a wall. Most wall mounted electric heater models are lightweight and you will be able to carry them all by yourself. However, it’s better to have someone helping you with the installation.

    The great thing about wall mounted fireplaces is that they have a small footprint and don’t take up much space, so you can use them in a smaller room. Another advantage of getting this type of fireplace is that you can mount it on a wall, away from pets or small children.

    A slight disadvantage of choosing a wall mounted fireplace is that they look modern. Your house needs to have a modern look to it for these models to fit in, which is less common among fireplaces enthusiasts.

  • Freestanding

    Unlike a fixed unit, a freestanding electric fireplace can be placed anywhere and doesn’t need installation. This is an advantage in itself since you can move the fireplace around the house if you want to.
    Due to the fact that freestanding units don’t need any kind of installation, they are a great choice for tenants or people who want to use them for commercial or advertising purposes, like those providing furnishing to make homes look better before they’re sold.

    A disadvantage of using a freestanding model is that they usually take up more space, so you might have some troubles getting it to fit in a small or crowded room. On the other hand, you can move them around the house and place them close to you, so you’ll be able to benefit from all the warmth they produce.

  • Electric Fireplace Inserts

    If you already have a fireplace, but you’re tired of cleaning it up and carrying wood, you can still use it by purchasing an electric fire insert and mount it on the existing frame.
    There are two types of inserts you can use, log inserts or electric fireboxes. Each of them will produce a realistic looking fire, and some will even have embers that glow in the animation, giving it a more authentic look.

    Electric fire inserts come in different sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right one for your fireplace frame. Unlike a traditional fireplace, you can control an electrical insert with a remote control, choosing its temperature and different flame animations.

    These inserts are easy to install. All you need to do is secure them in place on your fireplace frame and plug then into a wall socket.

  • Electric Mantel Fireplaces

    If you want your electric fireplace to look exactly like a traditional one, you can install a mantel. These units are designed to look good and add additional heating to your home without having to make permanent changes.
    Most electrical mantels have additional features, like remote control operation or air purifiers.

  • Electric Fireplace Stoves

    Unlike regular wood stoves, electric fireplace stoves don’t need ventilation, and they don’t have to stand next to a wall. In fact, all of them are freestanding, so you’ll be able to move them around the house if you want to.
    They don’t need installation and all you need to do is to plug them into a power outlet. You can choose if you want the unit to produce heat, or if you simply want to turn it on to look at the flame animation. They are usually better suited for rooms larger than 400 square feet.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

how do electric fireplaces workMost electric fireplaces work just as regular electric heaters do. They use electricity to heat up their heating element, represented in this case by metal coils, transforming all the electricity that runs through them into heat. A small metal fan is used to blow all the heat produced by the metal coils into the room, heating the molecules of the surrounding air directly. The warm air has less density than cool air and rises above it. The cool air taking its place is heated by the metal coils, and the process is repeated. The heating element is the only part of the fireplace that gets hot, and the heat is not transferred to the casing, making the electric fireplace safe for regular use.

Unlike regular electric heaters, electric fireplaces also have a large display which shows a realistic flame animation. The flame is usually created using LED technology, but some models use regular light bulbs to make it. The light produced by the bulb or the LED is refracted on the flame area, making it look like the flame is actually burning. The authenticity of the flames depends on the fireplace’s design. Some manufacturers try to make the flame as real as they can, while others want to make it look like an animation.

You can choose between wall mounted models, freestanding fireplaces, or fireplace inserts. The first two types of fireplaces can either be mounted on a wall or used as a standing piece all by itself. Fireplace inserts represent a safer way to use an existing fireplace, without using wood or making any changes to the existing frame. Using electric inserts for your fireplace is a great way of repurposing it.

Other electric fireplaces use infrared heating. Their heating element is an infrared light bulb that produces infrared light and radiation. The infrared radiation heats the objects it touches directly, without heating the air molecules surrounding them. After the object it touches accumulates enough heat, it starts radiating heat to the surrounding air, warming it up. This is a great way of heating your house because the objects continue radiating heat even after you turn the electric heater off.

How to Choose the Best Electric Fireplace – Buying Guide

Choosing the best fireplace can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re buying your first one. Here are some things you need to consider before you decide on which model to buy.

Wall Mounted, Fixed or Freestanding?

Most people don’t know which type of heater to buy, a wall mounted, a fixed or a freestanding model. Here are some of the pros and cons you can encounter in both types of electric fireplaces.

  • Wall Mounted Models

    Wall mounted models have the advantage of being designed to fit both modern and traditional homes. They have a minimalist design that does not attract a lot of attention, so you can blend them in with other types of furniture. All that matters is they have a good electric fireplace insert, so the flames will look realistic. They also have the advantage of not taking up much space. You can place them on a clear wall, or on the same wall with other household items or appliances, such as a painting or a television, as long as you respect the necessary clearance. The main disadvantage is that once you mount them, you can’t move them any longer.

  • Fixed Models

    Fixed models have the advantage of looking more like the real fireplaces. The main difference between them and the wall mounted models is that they still need to be placed on the floor, while the difference between them and the freestanding models is that you have to secure them to the wall, so you can’t move them around the house. If you choose to buy a good built in electric fireplace, most people won’t be able to tell it’s not a real one unless they get very close to it.

  • Freestanding Models

    Freestanding models have the major advantage of being portable. You don’t have to worry about the installation process, because you don’t need to install them, only to plug them into a socket. If you want to spend time with your family and enjoy the relaxing flame animation in the living room, then you bring the electric fireplace in the living room. If on another occasion you have some clients coming to your home office, you can just move the fireplace into the office and try to impress them. Freestanding electric fireplaces have the disadvantage of having a large mantel. This makes them harder to blend in with another type of furniture without sticking out.

Heating, Ambiance, or Both?

When you consider buying an electric fireplace, think about why you’re doing it. Are you buying one to enhance your decor, are you doing it to provide supplemental heating to a room or a zone in your house, or are you looking for a model that can provide the best of both worlds?

  • Heating

    If supplemental heating is your first priority, you will need to measure the room you plan to use the electric fireplace and find a model which is capable of providing the right amount of heat for the whole surface. Some of the best heating fireplaces use radiant heat, much the same as a normal fireplace does, but instead of using flames, they use infrared radiation.

  • Ambiance

    If looking good is the most important thing for you, then you need to consider which model would look good in your home. Some people go for the wall mounted models, as their minimalist design makes them perfect for blending in with other pieces of furniture, but if you want to have a classic fireplace look, you should choose one of the fixed models. Most of them require some assembling, but once you put them into position, they will look closer to original fireplaces than other models.

  • Heat and Ambiance

    If you want your electric fireplace to look great and produce a lot of heat at the same time, you need to look for the best rated electric fireplaces. They might cost a little more than their competition, but at least you know that your money is well spent.

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are very energy efficient. Almost all the electricity it uses is directly converted into heat. Only a very small percentage of the electricity consumed is used for the fireplace’s other elements, such as the small metal fan that blows the how air into the room, the On/Off switch light, and other similar small consumers. Most electric fireplaces transform more than 93 – 95% of the electricity they consume into heat.

Electric fireplaces do not need ducts or ventilation systems to work, so not even a small amount of heat is lost. This means that all the heat the fireplace produces is blown into the room. An electric fireplace’s heating element raises its temperature fast, and when you turn the unit off it cools down fast, as well.

Every electric fireplace has at least two functions. The heating function and the flame function. If you use only the heating function, the unit’s electricity consumption will be lower. The same can be said about using only the flame animation. However, it’s not very expensive to run an electric fireplace even when both functions are used at the same time.

The cost of running an electric fireplace is directly dependent on how expensive electricity is in your area. If for example, electricity costs $0.16 per kW and your fireplace has a heating capacity of 1.5 kW, it will consume $0.24 each hour it runs. As you can see, using an electric fireplace can be pretty expensive if your electricity is expensive.

Electric Fireplaces Safety Tips

Like every electric appliance in your house, using an electric fireplace has some hazards. Respect the following safety tips to make sure you minimize the hazards of using an electrical fireplace at all times.

  1. Always plug the electrical fireplace directly into a wall socket. Don’t use extension leads.
  2. Keep small children and pets away from the electrical fireplace. Instruct and educate your children that the fireplace is not a toy.
  3. Don’t leave the electrical fireplace running when nobody is in the room. Always make sure you turn the unit off and unplug it before you leave the room.
  4. Always place the electrical fireplace at least three feet away from every other object in the room. Make sure the heating element is not directed towards flammable objects, like curtains or furniture.
  5. Do not install an electrical fireplace in a damp room like a bathroom, an attic or a basement unless the instruction manual clearly states this is safe to do.
  6. Avoid placing flower pots or vases on the electric fireplace mantel. Knocking them over the electric fireplace can lead to serious injuries or damage to your propriety.
  7. Always make sure you place the wall mounted electric fireplace away from electrical circuits on your wall. Screwing them in an electrical circuit by mistake can lead to serious injuries.
  8. Keep the electric fireplace clear at all times. Don’t try to use for drying your clothes, and don’t place anything on it. This is a major fire hazard.
  9. Make sure your freestanding electric fireplace is always positioned on a leveled surface. Avoid placing it on thick rugs or carpets that can make it lean in one direction or another.
  10. Do not run the electric fireplace power cord under carpets in order to reach the power outlet. The power cord can heat up and lead to fires.
  11. Always inspect the electric fireplace power cord before you plug in and start the unit. If you notice the power cord is damaged, do not plug it in.
  12. Never try to repair or modify the electric fireplace by yourself. No matter how small the repair or modification seems, always go to a professional to do it. This can lead to serious injury or damage to your propriety.
  13. Electric fireplaces have two vents, one for taking in the cold air and the other for blowing out the hot one. Always keep both of the vents clear for the electric fireplace to work properly.
  14. Always make sure you place the portable electric fireplace away from high traffic areas and exits, to lower the chances of people running into it and tripping it over.
  15. The electric fireplace’s power cord can represent a tripping hazard. Make sure it isn’t placed in front of an exit or in a well-circulated area.
  16. Keep a kid-free zone of at least three feet around the electric fireplace. Small children can poke items into the vents or tip over the fireplace by mistake. This can lead to serious injury.

Benefits Of Electric Fireplaces

There are a lot of benefits of owning an electric fireplace and using it in your home. Here are some of them:

  • An electric fireplace will become the centerpiece of a room, or it will enhance the effect of the room’s existing centerpiece.
  • Unlike regular fireplaces, electric ones come in a lot of different styles, so you’ll be able to find the right model easily.
  • Electric fireplaces are a lot safer than regular ones. They don’t burn fuel, they don’t need any ventilation system, and they don’t produce any gasses that might be harmful.
  • Electric fireplaces are environmentally friendly. They do not produce any toxic by-products, they don’t need fuel lines, so they won’t leak and pollute the environment. They take nothing from the air and add nothing to it, so they don’t harm it.
  • Electric fireplaces are energy efficient. Almost all the electricity they consume is transformed into heat and released directly into the room.
  • Electric fireplaces are easy to install. Many of them don’t even need an installation, they just need to be plugged into a wall socket.
  • Electric fireplaces are very easy to maintain. They don’t need anything else than a periodical dusting. This is a quick maintaining process that should only take about a minute or two every two weeks.
  • Electric fireplaces have two functions that run separately or together. You can run the fireplace only for heating or only for the ambiance. You can use the flame animation function all year round.
  • Electric fireplaces can take up very little space. All you need to do is choose a wall mounted model and you’ll be able to place it in a small or crowded room without any problems.
  • Electric fireplaces using most realistic electric fireplace insert create a fire animation which is great for calming and meditation techniques.

Electric Fireplaces Installation

Installing an electric fireplace is not very difficult. If fact, some models don’t even need installation, all you need to do is plug them into a wall outlet.

However, there are some steps you should take into account if you want to get the most of your electric fireplace.

  1. electric fireplace installationBefore buying an electric fireplace, you need to make sure the room you intend to place it in is large enough to fit it. You should measure the room and figure out where you intend to place the fireplace. You should now measure to see if the fireplace has enough room to run safely in the room. Keep in mind that an electric heater needs between 3 – 6 feet of clearance to run safely.
  2. If the room is not large enough to accommodate a freestanding model, maybe a wall mounted one would be a better choice.
  3. If you decide on buying a freestanding model, make sure you can place it somewhere out of high circulated areas on an even, leveled surface and still respect the clearance dimensions.
  4. Now that you decided which model will suit you best and where to place it, make sure you have an empty wall socket you can use at all times. You might be tempted to use an extension cord for the electric heater, but keep in mind that this is a large consumer and using such a cord might lead to a fire in your electrical circuit. If there is no wall socket near the place you want to install the electric fireplace, call an electrician to help you with installing one there.
  5. If you have the model you want and the wall plug you need, the next thing you should do is install the electric fireplace. The wall mounted models will need to go on a mounting bracket. First, you need to drill holes for the mounting bracket into your wall. Make sure you take the right measurements before you start drilling. Once the necessary holes are drilled and the mounting bracket is mounted on the wall, installing the electric fireplace is very similar to installing a wall-mounted television. You set it into position, fix it, and then plug it in and start it.

Freestanding models don’t need an installation. All you need to do is place them according to the space clearances you measured before, plug them in and start them.

Electric Fireplace Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Even though electric fireplaces are pretty reliable units, they can still have some problems, just like any other mass produced appliance. Here is a list of the most common problems you can encounter when you own an electric fireplace, and how you can solve them.

My Electric Fireplace Isn’t Running. What Should I Do?

This is the most common problem you can have with an electrical fireplace, and there are several ways to handle it.

  • Check The Power Source – The first thing you should do is to check the power source. This can be done in two easy ways. The easiest way to do it is using a voltage tester and test the power outlet you’re usually using for the electric fireplace. If you don’t have a voltage tester, you can either plug the fireplace in another outlet you’re certain it works, or plug it into an extension cord. If you use the extension cord, don’t turn on the heater, just turn on the flame animation.
  • Check The Circuit Breaker – Electrical fireplaces are usually more powerful than other household appliances, and a power outburst can make them shut down the breaker that operates the circuit connected to the outlet the fireplaces use. You can check this by going to the breaker box and identifying the breaker that handles that part of the house. If all your breakers are in the same position, it means the circuit breaker is in its normal position.

The Electric Fireplace’s Heater Works, But The Flames Don’t Appear Any Longer. What Should I Do?

  • If your heater is still running but the flames no longer appear, you might need to change the light bulb or LED that produce the flames. You can find the information on how to locate and change them in the owner’s manual. If you misplaced your owner’s manual, contact customer service.

The Heater Is Not Working As It Did Before. What Is The Problem?

  • If your heater is still working but it’s not doing a very good job, there might be a problem with its fan. The fan can become very dirty and dust or debris can stop it from turning, so it won’t push the warm air into the room properly. You should check the owner’s manual to find out how to reach the fan or contact customer support.


Whether you want to buy an electric fireplace just because you want to add some personality and style to your home, or you want to buy one to provide supplemental heating to a certain area of your house, there are plenty models out there to choose from.

Electric fireplaces are usually easy to install, and you will be able to install most of them on your own. Some of them don’t even need installation, all you need to do is plug them into a power socket and you’re good to go.

Even if you didn’t know much about electric fireplaces before reading this article, we’re confident that now you know what the best electric fireplace for your home should look like, and what to expect from it.

If you don’t think you found the right model in our electric fireplace reviews, check out the other articles on the website, and we’re sure you’ll find the right space heater for your home.

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