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        Tellhow Shenyang Electric Machine Co., Ltd

        Tellhow Shenyang Electric Machine Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called “Tellhow Shenyang Electric Machine”) was a brand new company registered on January 26, 2011, after Tellhow SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd.’s integration on Shenyang Electric Machine Co.,Ltd, (former Shenyang Electric Machine Factory), with registered capital is 500 million RMB.

        With its strategy integration, by setting new goals with new views, continuing revolution, bringing in fine manufacture equipment, focusing on talent and technology innovation, Tellhow Electric Machine believes we can provide clients with quality products and solutions.

        Tellhow Shenyang Science and Technology Industry Park covers 190,000 square meters, with a production capacity of 8 million kW.

        Tellhow Shenyang Electric Machine mainly produces shaft height from 355 to 1250mm, single-machine capacity ranges from 200 to 30000 kW electric motors. Our product line covers 49 series, more than 2100 specification medium and large AC motors; High-efficiency and energy-saving motor; Increase-safety explosion proof motor; Frequency control motor; Medium and small gas turbine generator; Permanent magnet synchronous motor; Large diesel generator, as well as motor starting, excitation, compensation and speed controlling equipment, which covers multiple industries such as power plant, metallurgy, mining, construction material, petroleum and petrochemical, environment protection, and water conservancy etc.

        Tellhow Shenyang Electric Machine will carry the Tellhow SCI-TECH’s theory of “National Tellhow,International Tellhow”,making the new company a worldwide large and medium motor manufacture base.