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        Implied meaning of Tellhow:
        T H:
        Tsinghua, reflects the relation and quality culture between Tsinghua and Tellhow.

        Literal translation:
        Tell you how.

        Paraphrase: Smart technology.

        Implied meaning: Solution way.

        Tellhow is “Tai Hao” in Chinese pronounciation. “Tai”, means safe and peace, no loss, social commitment. “Hao”, means great, great spirit, self discipline.

        Chinese homonymic: “Very Good”, means continuous improvement, pursuing for perfection.
        Company Culture:
        I would not choose to be a mediocre man,
        I have the right to become an unusual person.
        I look for opportunities, but are not looking for excitement;
        I do not want mediocrity in the care of the community, it would be despised and let me feel miserable.
        I want to take the calculated risk,
        I want to dream, I want to build, to fail and to succeed.
        I prefer to challenge life rather than live guaranteed wasted years of life;
        I want the excitment when achieve purpose, rather than the utopian lifeless calm.
        I seek fair competition in order to contribute to the social environment;
        I despise those who can labor but not labor and doing nothing. I will not use my freedom to make transactions with the shield,
        Nor with my dignity to exchange for charity;
        I would never trembling in front of any master,
        Nor bend to any threat.
        My nature is self chest, frank and fearless.
        I bravely face the world, and advocating the pursuit:
        Personal success is realized bear responsibility,
        The value of life is to continue to take responsibility.
        We hope and work hard, make Tellhow to become "China's Tellhow, world's Tellhow."

        To realize that we are a company who is willing to take responsibility,
        We must take a mission:
        "A derivative of smart technologies, products and services to improve the quality of human life."

        To do this, we need a high degree of recognition of the values of a survival of the enterprise,
        Namely "to achieve personal success is to assume responsibility,
        The value of life is to continue to assume responsibility";

        And always maintain full customer awareness and brand awareness,
        Always maintain professionalism and teamwork.