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        Cement Plant Project

        To satisfy the high load torque and large capacity characteristics for the cement mill and vertical mill in the building materials industry, we designed a new YRKK series motor. The rotor of this series motor is used silver welding technology. It can prevent the joint sleeve open welding and fight off effectively. The motor select end flange mounted type sliding bearing structure. In order to prevent the bearing oil spill, we increased storage tanks and lower oil back ports based on the GB standard which solve the problem of the bearing oil spills and into the motor effectively. It meets the operational requirements of hte site perfectly.




        China National Building Materials Group Corporation Shagang Group Co.,Ltd. Cement Plants
        China Tianrui Group Cement Company Limited Anyang Hubo Group
        Shandong Shanshui Cement Group Northern Heavy Industries
        Huaxin Cement Co.,Ltd. Chaoyang Heavy Industries
        Tangshan Jidong Cement Co.,Ltd. Shenyang Cement and Mechanical Plants
        National United Cement Group Co.,Ltd Jinan Province Shanshui Cement Co.,Ltd
        Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited Jiangxi Wannianqing Cement Co.,Ltd.
        Yatai Group ?

        Application range

        Driven machine Motor type Power range( kW )
        Cement mill YRKK 2000-5000
        Raw mill YRKK 2000-5000
        Roller mill YTM 400-1000
        Roller machine YKK 500-2000
        Limestone crusher YKK 200-1000
        Rotary kiln YPT 500-1000
        All type fan YKK、YRKK 200-5000
        Waste heat recovery QFW、QFRW 3000-60000