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        QF、QFW、QFRW Turbine Generator

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        The QF, QFW, QFRW series gas turbine generator is developed by ourselves on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology. This series can be widely used in power generation by TRT, cement kiln waste heat recovery, natural gas or coal gas, municipal solid waste incineration, straw incineration, coal gangue reuse, small co-generation, geothermal and industrial self-provided power plant, providing client with considerable economic benefit in an environment friendly way.

        power range: 3000~60000kW
        rated voltage: 6300V,10500V
        speed: 3000r/min,3600r/min
        rated frenquecy: 50Hz,60Hz
        frenquecy: 50,60Hz,frequency conversion
        protection grade: IP23 IP44
        Insulation class: F
        duty: S1
        cooling method: IC01,IC81W,IC91W
        mounting: IM7311,IM7321,IM7121,IM7123

        The outdoor series (W), humid tropics series (TH), humid tropics outdoor series (THW) motor performance index, installation and volume dimension are the same as the basic series motor that they are derived from.


        Type introduction


        Electromagnetic diagram by using field-circuit coupling Output curve by electromagnetic calculation
        Shafting analysis