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        YB Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

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        The YB series High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor (frame No. 355-630) is designed and manufactured with our long time experience in manufacturing high voltage explosion-proof motor and design, manufacture, test technic of high-voltage and high-efficiency motor imported from German. By using new technic, new material with advanced engineering, our products featuring reliable operating in compact structure with less vibration and less noise, better outdoor applicability, less weight, which meet the national level 3 energy standard and can be applied in the level 1 and level 2 danger zones that contain explosive gas.

        In motor driving technique, we insist on high efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly, better compact structure, more power, higher efficiency and more reliable as our developing goal.

        This series motors’ power grade and mounting dimension meets standards of China, IEC and German standards, which could be used as the auxiliary motor for export equipment and replacement for import motor respectively.


        Type introduction

        W-Outdoor light corrosion resistant type WF1-Outdoor medium corrosion resistant type
        WF2-Outdoor heavy corrosion resistant type F-Indoor corrosion resistant type
        F1-Indoor medium corrosion resistant type F2-Indoor heavy corrosion resistant type
        TH-Humid tropics indoor type THW-Humid tropics outdoor type
        TA-Dry tropics indoor type TAW-Dry tropics outdoor type


        Electromagnetic diagram by using field-circuit coupling Shafting analysis
        YB2 motor frame YB2 motor frame ANSYS on cast-iron frame cooling-fin temperature calculation application analysis.