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        Y YKK Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

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        The Y, YKK series High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor (frame No. 355-1120) is designed and manufactured with our sixty to seventy years of experience in manufacturing medium and large high-voltage AC motor. By using advanced technique comprehend from domestic and abroad, after modern field-circuit electromagnetic calculation and optimized design on dissipation, ventilation circuit and windage resistance, component intensity of the motor, our products are high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high reliability and easy to install and maintain.

        This series are widely used in draught fan, water pump, compressor, crusher, stock-removing machine, conveying equipment and other similar general-usage machines in industries like petroleum, chemical, power plant, coal, metallurgy, transportation, textile manufacture, medical industry and grain processing etc.


        Type introduction

        W-Outdoor light corrosion resistant type WF1-Outdoor medium corrosion resistant type
        WF2-Outdoor heavy corrosion resistant type F-Indoor corrosion resistant type
        F1-Indoor medium corrosion resistant type F2-Indoor heavy corrosion resistant type
        TH-Humid tropics indoor type THW-Humid tropics outdoor type
        TA-Dry tropics indoor type TAW-Dry tropics outdoor type


        Electromagnetic diagram by using field-circuit coupling Output curve by electromagnetic calculation
        ANSYS on motor frame Shafting analysis