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        YR Series Wound Rotor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

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        The YR series Wound Rotor Three-phase Induction Motor is designed with our sixty years of experience in designing and manufacturing high voltage three-phase induction motor, produced with advanced manufacturing technic comprehend from American Westinghouse Electric Corp and German LDW(LLOYD DYNAMOWERKE) ,which can be divided into TRKK and YRKS series to meet different cooling demands.


        Type introduction

        W-Outdoor light corrosion resistant type WF1-Outdoor medium corrosion resistant type
        WF2-Outdoor heavy corrosion resistant type F-Indoor corrosion resistant type
        F1-Indoor medium corrosion resistant type F2-Indoor heavy corrosion resistant type
        TH-Humid tropics indoor type THW-Humid tropics outdoor type
        TA-Dry tropics indoor type TAW-Dry tropics outdoor type


        Electromagnetic diagram by using field-circuit coupling Output curve by electromagnetic calculation
        ANSYS on motor frame Shafting analysis