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        Technological Innovation

        As the high-tech enterprises of "National Key High-Tech Enterprise", "National Key Torch Project", "National Enterprises and Technology Center", "Post-doctoral Research Station", national military power testing center, national military air-conditioning testing center, we possessed 11 experts of State Council allowance, 25 senior engineers’ professors and 15 academic leaders of industry. As " Laboratory of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for large and medium-sized motor", "Joint research development centers of Shenyang Industry University and joint training base of postgraduate” , which consists of synchronous motors, generators institute, asynchronous motors institute, technology research institute, software design center, test center, we have skilled, full of practical experienced engineers and production technical personnel. The technical team constituted: Product R&D:120;Manufacturing process:70; Technology services:30. We will continue to innovate technologies and improve the existing technology, providing customers with excellent products and services to make the future are full of possibilities. Let the expectations of customer become reality.