Best Infrared Heater Reviews – Buying Guide 2017

Infrared heaters do two things very well.

First, they warm you up even if you use them in a very large space, or even outside.

Second, they transform almost 100% of the energy they consume in heat, making them very energy-efficient.

But you’re probably wondering now: “Are these things enough to buy one?”

The truth is,

Using infrared heaters has a lot of advantages. You don’t need to trust us blindly on this. Read our infrared heater reviews and find out the pros and cons of the best selling heaters available on the market today.

If you don’t know exactly what to look for in a unit, read our comprehensive buying guide and learn which are the features the best infrared heater for your needs should have.

Bottom line is,

Infrared heaters are becoming more popular each year, and they offer safe, environmentally-friendly warmth for many people with different demands. Are they the same demands as yours? Read the following article and find out.

infrared heater reviews
  • Duraflame 9HM8101-O142
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: Infrared Bulb
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Forced Air
  • Settings: high, low and thermostat
  • Timer: 9-hour
  • UL listed
  • Dimensions: 16.8" x 14.9" x 12.8"
  • Other features: Digital Display, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, Wheels, Overheat protection
top infrared heaters
  • Lifesmart LS-IF1500-DOFP
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Forced Air
  • Settings: high, low and thermostat
  • Timer: yes
  • UL listed, ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 11.5" x 25.2" x 31.5"
  • Other features: Nonslip Base, Tip-Over Safety Switch, Thermostat, Timer, Remote Control, Wheels, Automatic Shutoff
best infrared heater
  • Dr. Infrared Heater Dr968
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Forced Air
  • Settings: Auto, Low 1000W and High 1500W
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • UL listed
  • Dimensions: 13" x 12" x 16"
  • Other features: Automatic Shutoff, Cool-to-the-Touch, Digital Display, Energy-Saving Modes, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, Tip-Over Safety Switch
best rated infrared heaters
  • Lifesmart LS-6BPIQH-X-IN
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1400 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Convection
  • Settings: 3 energy savings settings
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 16.5" x 17" x 13.2"
  • Other features: Automatic Shutoff, Digital Display, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, Tip-Over Safety Switch, Wheels
good infrared space heater
  • EdenPURE A5095 Gen2
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Forced Air
  • Settings: thermostat only
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • -
  • Dimensions: 15.1" x 11.5" x 9.6"
  • Other features: automatic on/off setting, quiet mode
most efficient portable radiant heater
  • Lifesmart LS-8WIQH-LB-IN
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating technology type: Forced Air
  • Settings: 3 including Including Eco Setting and thermostat
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • -
  • Dimensions: 15.25" x 16.25" x 18.5"
  • Other features: Quiet Scroll Fan, 8 quartz infrared elements, glide casters, remote control

Top 6 Infrared Heaters

Dr. Infrared Heater Dr968

best infrared heaterThis infrared heater uses two heating systems, an infrared quartz tube, and a PTC heating element to warm up a medium to large room. A quiet fan pushes the warm air further into the room, increasing the heat distribution.

The quartz infrared tube instantly heats the objects in a room, including your skin and clothes, so you’ll feel its effect right after you turn the space heater on. The PVC heating element is made out of a ceramic composite. This element will heat the surrounding air, and the fan will sweep the warm air around the room, while cold air takes its place. The dual technology makes this unit an energy saver heater.

This unit’s design is nice and stylish, with a casing made out of wood veneers, and the warm color of cherry wood. The surface of the heater doesn’t get hot, it’s only warm to the touch. The space heater is supported by 4 casters which improve its portability.


  • Safety Features – This unit has a tip-over and an overheat protection.
  • Remote Control – You can control all the settings and functions with a remote control. Keep in mind that you first have to manually turn the unit on, and then you can use the control. This is a safety feature.


  • Misleading Information – The space heater should work for up to 80,000 hours, but a typical quartz tube can last up to 20,000 hours. Only The PVC element will last that long.
  • Imprecise Thermostat – This unit’s thermostat will start and stop the space heater when the temperature is roughly around the value you set. It can be imprecise either way, warmer or colder.


Duraflame 9HM8101-O142 Portable Infrared Heater

infrared heater reviewsThis infrared heater maintains the natural humidity in a room, providing comfortable heat all day long, without drying the air. The device has a digital thermostat and is fully controllable by a remote.

The space heater uses an infrared quartz tube for heating, so its surface will stay only warm to the touch all the time. There are also other safety features, like the safer plug. This safety feature monitors the plug’s temperature continuously, and if the temperature rises above safe values, it automatically shuts the heater off. Once the heater and the plug are cool, the unit can start again.

This unit’s design is small and pleasant. The space heater is shorter than a coffee table, and it’s built out of solid hardwood, with beveled edges and an oak finish that enhance its look. The whole model is supported by casters, allowing you to move it freely around the house.


  • Safe – This model’s safety features make is safe enough to use around children, even babies as long as you don’t point the heater directly at them.
  • Good Portability – This unit’s casters really work, and they don’t get stuck often allowing you to move the unit anywhere you like. A nice portable radiant heater.


  • Fan Blows Cold Air – The fan stops a long time after the heating element does, so it will blow out some cold air while it runs alone.
  • Noisy – This unit’s fan is not very quiet, and it might interfere with your everyday activities.


Lifesmart LS-IF1500-DOFP Large Room Infrared Fireplace

top infrared heatersFirst of all, this is a best rated infrared heater. You cannot dislike this model. It is well designed, and it looks spectacular. Every household, no matter how big or small will enhance its appearance with this unit. The electric fireplace is surrounded by a beautiful oak mantle. The flames look realistic and they move naturally, just like a real fire.

This unit uses three infrared heating elements which will warm up a medium or large room, so this is a good infrared space heater to place in a living or dining room. The fan pushes the warm air around the room, but it’s silent and you’ll barely hear it working. The fireplace can work without the heating elements, so you’ll be able to enjoy it all year round.

The space heater is moved easily due to its casters. It is rather heavy, but you can push it around the house without too much trouble. The only difficult part is moving it over doorstops or stairs.


  • Looks Great – Not a necessity for top infrared heaters, but definitely a big plus.
  • Quiet – This unit’s fan is silent and the noise it makes is really smooth.


  • Small – Having a small space heater is usually a good thing, but not when you want it to look like a fireplace.
  • Bright LCD – This unit’s control panel is very bright, and it stays on as long as it works.


Lifesmart LS-6BPIQH-X-IN Large Room Infrared Heater

best rated infrared heatersThis might be the most efficient infrared heater in our list. This model uses 6 infrared heating elements to produce enough heat for a large room. It also has 3 different energy saving settings you can use to warm up smaller areas, without turning up the heater at full capacity.

The space heater’s casing is made out of metal, and the casing should stay cool to the touch when the heating elements are working. The unit is supported by casters, which make it easy to move around the house.

This model has a digital thermostat you can set either manually or with a remote control. You can even set a turn on and a turn off schedule with up to 12 hours in advance, further increasing this infrared heater efficiency.


  • Very Efficient – This model is very efficient at heating rooms that are well, normal, and poorly insulated. The infrared heat will increase and maintain the temperature for a long time, even in a large room without insulation.
  • Safe – This unit’s casing stays cools when the heater is working, and there are several other safety features, making this heater perfect for parents or pet owners.


  • Remote Interference – The remote control could interfere with other household appliances, and their remotes could control the heater, which can be a nuisance.
  • Noisy – This unit’s fan can be noisy, especially when it’s set on high. If you want a unit you can keep in the same room while sleeping, this might not be it.


EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 Infrared Heater

good infrared space heaterThis small infrared heater has a compact design and a small footprint, making it a good choice for a small room. You can set this model to work at different heat levels, from 1 – 20.

This model is fully operated by a remote control, so you can change its settings from across the room. The heater also has a quiet mode, which will slow the fan, reducing the noise to a bare minimum. Besides these options, the heater also has a timer you can set for up to twelve hours, either to turn on or shut off the unit.

The manufacturer also offers an air purifier package which includes a Hepa filter and a UV light, making the air cleaner and healthier.


  • Small Footprint – This model is small and lightweight, so you will be able to place it anywhere you want, even in a crowded room.
  • Air Purifier – The air purifier upgrade really does its job and you’ll be able to see this after the heater works for at least two weeks. The Hepa filter will capture most of the dust and other impurities in the air, and the UV light will kill most of the germs. This is a great feature for people who have children living in their household, or who suffer from allergies.


  • No Temperature – You won’t be able to set the thermostat at a certain temperature, you’ll have to arbitrarily choose a value between 1 – 20 until you find the right setting.
  • Very Optimistic Heating Capacity – The manufacturer says that this unit should warm up a surface of roughly 1,000 square feet. This is very optimistic even for a well-insulated room. It will probably heat up to 600 square feet only.


Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Infrared Heater

most efficient portable radiant heaterThis is the best quartz infrared heater in our list. This unit has 8 quartz heating elements which will provide sufficient heat for a large or even an extra-large room. Using this much heating power, this model can be used with great results as a garage heater or as an outdoor heater.

The space heater has three energy saving settings, one of which you can use to heat a small room to 68 degrees F. The heater has a digital thermostat with a dual timer, which can be used for turning the unit on or off over a time interval of up to 12 hours.

This model’s wood casing looks very nice, and the wood surface doesn’t get warm when the unit is working, making this a great model for people with pets, children, or elderly in their household.


  • Very Powerful – This unit has a great heating capacity and will warm up a large surface. You can even use it to keep yourself warm while you’re outside.
  • Very Safe – The casing’s surface doesn’t get hot when the unit is working, and the unit also has several safety features, like the heavy-duty power cable or tip-over safety.


  • Buttons Beep – The remote’s buttons beep loudly when you press them. This might be an inconvenience at night.
  • Bright Screen – This unit’s control panel screen is brightly illuminated at all times while the unit is working, and that might disturb you at night. You can cover the panel, but an option to dim the brightness would be better.


What Is Infrared Heat?

what is infrared heatYou definitely heard about infrared light before you decided to buy an infrared space heater, but what does infrared heat mean?

Well, infrared light is invisible to humans because it’s beyond the spectrum of colors we are able to see. That’s the cool thing about infrared heaters. You can see the heating elements turning on and working, but if you put a hand on the heater’s case, it’s cool. Why is that?

When an infrared heating source starts working, it doesn’t only emit light, it also emits infrared radiation as well. It’s the equivalent of sunlight. You’re not heated by the sun’s light, you’re heated by the sun’s radiation that accompanies that light. The same thing happens when you use an infrared space heater.


You don’t need to start worrying about the harmful effect this radiation could have on your body, it’s practically harmless and humans have been using it since the beginning of time. Cavemen used it by lighting fires and staying close to them, the Romans used it through their tile wood stoves, and in the Middle Ages, humans used it by lighting fires in the hearth.

Modern age human beings don’t have the time, and most of us don’t have the space to use a fire, a tile stove or a hearth, but we developed the next best thing. A machine that emits infrared light directly.

Infrared waves move through the air, and when they come in contact with a surface, they release heat energy, no matter how warm the surrounding air is. This heat makes the molecules of the surface to vibrate. This vibration leads to the molecule gaining energy and warming up.

Water is a substance which absorbs infrared energy particularly well, and because your skin is 80% water, you will also absorb and warm up using infrared energy, as well.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

There is more than one way in which infrared space heaters work. Some of them produce and direct infrared light straight, heating the area right in front of them, while others have more parts and are more complex. These complex units usually have an infrared light bulb which produces the light, a heat exchanger made out of a good metal conductor, like brass or copper, and a fan which blows the warm air away from the exchanger and cold air to it.

Infrared space heaters can use different power sources. Most of them use electricity as a power source, but others use natural gasses or propane.
Different heater models have different heating capacities and different operating temperatures. Some of them can use heaters to maintain a certain temperature constant in an area.

The main advantage of infrared heat is that it has a higher watt output per meter than convection heating. This means you’ll need less radiant heat and a shorter period of time to have the same results as those of a convection heater.

Another advantage of infrared heat is that the infrared radiation heats the objects in an environment directly, and does not lose time heating all the air’s molecules between the infrared source and the objects. Heating the large surface area of objects in an environment makes them warm up and then act like a radiation source themselves, practically transforming the whole area into a 360o radiator. The same effect can be reached with heated air, but it takes a longer time because the warm air transmits the heat into objects very poorly.

Another advantage infrared heaters have over convection heaters is that once they produce infrared heat and the object surrounding them are heated, they will lose that heat slowly, maintaining the residual energy in the environment for a far longer time. So if you open a window, the hot air warmed by the convection heater will exit the room very fast, while the objects heated by the infrared heater will retain some of their heat, and they will continue to radiate it over a longer period, lowering their temperature slowly.

Infrared space heaters are also more energy efficient. You will use less power because you can set the thermostat at a lower value because you will feel the warmth way before the air starts warming up. The thermostat is not able to read the objects’ temperature, it only records the surrounding air’s temperature, which is irrelevant when you just turn on an infrared heater.

How to Choose the Best Infrared Heater? – Buying Guide

infrared heater buying guide

  • Purpose

    The first thing you have to think about before buying an infrared heater is why you’re doing it. This should be a crucial factor in your decision making because different heaters have different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Outside Heater

    If you plan to use the infrared space heater in a poorly insulated room or outside, the best thing you can do is buy a model with a large heating surface. If you’re using a heater outside, the air won’t get warmer, no matter how long you leave the unit on. A larger heating surface means a wider infrared radiation area, so you’ll feel the warmth over a larger surface.

  • Children Room

    Infrared space heaters are very safe and they can be used in children rooms. The best models you can buy for this are the ones you can place high on furniture, or the ones you can mount on the wall, so the kids won’t be able to reach them. Keep in mind not to point the heater over the crib or beds.

  • Garage Heater

    If you’re looking for a garage heater, you need a powerful unit. Garages usually aren’t insulated, and they can be large, so you need an efficient unit to cover all that surface.

  • Heating Capacity

    The heating capacity should be the next thing to think about. Where are you going to use the heater? Are you going to leave it in a room, or are you going to move it around the house when necessary?

    If you’re going to use the space heater in a single room, make sure the heating capacity is enough for the room’s surface. You don’t need to but the most powerful unit on the market for a small room, it will heat it too much, it will make it uncomfortable, and will consume more power.

    If on the other hand, you plan to move the space heater around the house, you need to make sure the heating capacity is enough for the largest room you plan to warm up. The best thing you can do is buy a unit that has at least two heating levels, so it can run efficiently in small or large rooms alike.

  • Noise Level

    Noise level can be very important, especially if you are a light sleeper. If you plan to use the space heater in a garage or outside, this is one of the last things you should think about before buying a unit. Different models produce different noises. Some of them can’t be heard unless they run in complete silence, some produce a soothing “white” noise, while others produce a noise loud enough to interfere with your usual activities, so you have to turn up your TV volume.

    Choosing a unit with the right noise level is tightly related to the space heater’s purpose.

  • Portability

    This is another feature you should take into consideration when buying an infrared space heater. Maybe you want to move the unit around the house, or maybe you want to take it with you at the office when the temperatures drop, so buying a highly portable unit will have its advantages.

    Manufacturers try to make most of their units portable, so many of them will have helpful handles or casters to improve this feature, but portability also comes from the size of the unit.

  • Size

    Size is important when buying a space heater because it influences many factors, like portability, the unit’s footprint, or the size of the heating elements.

    A smaller unit is usually lighter, so it’s easier to move it around the house or even to take it at the office. However, smaller units have smaller heating elements, which means that they will usually take longer to warm up the same area as a larger unit with the same heating capacity.

  • Heating Elements

    These elements are the ones that produce the infrared light. Their numbers are different for each model, but as a general rule, units that have more heating elements are more efficient.

    When it comes to infrared space heaters, every heating element is responsible for producing infrared light. The more elements a unit has, the larger the amount of light produced, thus more heat is created.

    Larger units usually have larger heating elements than smaller ones. This is important because a heating element produces heat on its whole surface, so a larger element will produce more heat than a smaller element with the same heating capacity.

  • Safety Features

    Infrared heat is one of the safest ways of heating available to us, but extra safety features are always welcome because every appliance can have faults. If you have children, elderly people, or pets in your household, try to buy a space heater with many safety features.

Is Radiant Heating Any Good?

Many people believe that just because infrared uses electricity, which costs more than natural gas, as fuel, it’s an expensive technology. It’s very easy to compare the cost of the power source and declare which system is better, but unfortunately, it’s not even close to being accurate.

First of all, when you use a gas-powered central heating system, every time you change the thermostat’s temperature you raise the temperature in the whole house, even though you might want to heat a single room.

Using an electric infrared heater eliminates this problem. You can leave the thermostat as it is and heat only the room you want to.

You can even lower your bills by keeping a good portable radiant heater running next to you and lowering the thermostat’s temperature.

Another way radiant heating can help you is by heating rooms or spaces with poor insulation, or even without insulation. You can use one as a radiant garage heater to make sure you’ll be comfortable when going to your car every morning before work in the cold season.

Radiant heat is also very effective when it’s used outside the house. Due to the fact that an infrared outdoor heater acts directly on your skin molecules, you will feel its warmth even when you’re outside. This is a great way to heat you patio, or your porch during the cold season.

You can use an energy saver infrared heater to keep your pipes from freezing. You don’t need to buy the best quartz infrared heater available on market, you just need to find an energy efficient model with a thermostat, and point it at the most vulnerable point in your pipelines. This way the pipes will stay warm and toasty throughout the winter and you’ll avoid costly plumbing problems.

Infrared Heater Benefits

benefits of infrared heating

Infrared heating is one of the most effective types of heating. Here are some of the benefits of owning an infrared space heater.

  • Safe

    Infrared heating is considered safe by all specialists. Space heaters using infrared heat usually don’t get hot to the touch, they stay only warm or even cold to the touch, even though the unit is working. Most safety features available for this kind of heaters are usually a way of preventing damage to the heater or to the user, not to prevent a fire hazard, because infrared heating elements don’t start fires.

  • Healthy

    Using an infrared heater is healthier than using a convection or an electric heater. Infrared radiation acts directly on the object’s molecules, not on the air molecules, so the air’s natural humidity is preserved. You won’t suffer from itchy eyes or throat because of this heating technology.
    Want to know the best part?

    When infrared radiation affects an object, it affects all the molecules on that object, as well. This means that some of the first molecules affected by this radiation will, in fact, be microbes and viruses. Microorganisms are very sensitive when it comes to infrared radiation, so some of them will die when they’re facing infrared light.

  • Low Maintenance

    Let’s be serious, nobody likes to change the air filters, add lubrication, or to check if the motor is working properly. Infrared heaters usually don’t have moving parts, so no lubrication will be necessary. Some of them will have a working fan, and you’ll need to check it every year before the cold season, but most of them will only need a periodic cleaning.

  • Quick Results

    Infrared heating interacts directly with your skin’s molecules, not with the air molecules, so as long as you stay within the heater’s range, you will feel its warmth almost instantly.

  • Long Lasting Warmth

    Infrared heaters work by warming up the objects within their range, whether it’s a vase, a table, a wall, or a human being. Once the objects in its range are warmed up, they begin radiating heat, warming up the surrounding air. This kind of warmth lasts longer than that produced by convection heaters, which will warm up the air surrounding the objects. If a window or a door is opened, the warm air will start exiting the room, while the warmed objects will still retain some of the heat.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Infrared heaters don’t use any carbon while they’re working. They don’t have toxic by-products, and they don’t use an open flame. They don’t have fuel lines, so they can’t leak in the environment. Infrared heaters take nothing away from the air, and they don’t add anything to it, so they are environmentally friendly.

  • Energy-Efficient

    The heating elements in an infrared space heater use a reflective metal. This metal is capable of transferring almost 100% of the heat created, so almost none of it is lost. This, combined with the fact that an infrared space heater delivers the heat almost instantly, make it an energy-efficient design.

Infrared Heaters vs Electric Heaters

Effectiveness – Infrared heaters heat up the objects in front of them directly, and you will feel the warmth almost immediately after turning the unit on. When these objects are warmed up, they will begin to radiate the heat and warm up the surrounding environment, thus warming up an entire room.

Electric heaters heat up the air in front of them and circulate that air around the room, so it takes longer for the room to warm up, and the warmth is not distributed equally at the beginning. If a door opens, or if the room has leaks, the warm air will disperse throughout the house. More energy is required to do this, and the warmth will be produced slower.

Air Quality- Infrared space heaters warm up the molecules of the objects in their range directly, so they don’t heat the air molecules. This allows the air to keep its natural moisture.

Electric heaters work by heating the air molecules. As a result, the moisture in the air is quickly dried, and this can lead to an uncomfortable situation. The air can become so dry that your eyes and throat itch. This is especially bad for people who suffer from allergies.

Noise Levels – Infrared space heaters work by producing infrared light. This light is produced at the same time with infrared radiation. This radiation affects objects’ molecules directly, making them vibrate, thus generating heat. This is a very effective way to produce heat, so infrared heaters usually don’t use fans, so they are really quiet.

Electric heaters warm up the air molecules right in front of them. After warming the air, a fan pushes it into the room, drawing cold air in front of the heater. This continuous use of the fan can be loud. Some fans are so noisy they can interfere with your everyday activities, so you must turn the TV volume up, or exit the room to answer a phone.

Do Infrared Heaters Really Save Money?

The short answer is


When it’s used properly, an infrared spaced heater will save you money by lowering your heating bills.

But there are certain tips and tricks you need to respect in order to do this.

Heating Capacity – if you want to lower your heating bills, make sure the space heater you buy has the capacity to heat your largest room or the room you’re going to place it in.

When you look for a space heater you’re going to move around the house, make sure it has the heating capacity to warm up the largest room, but it should also have a low operating mode, so it won’t be too large for your smallest room. Using an excessively large unit in a small room is not energy efficient. It will consume more power than it should for a room that big, and it will heat up the room over comfortable levels in a short period of time.

On the other hand, buying a unit that doesn’t warm up your largest room completely will be a waste of money, and a waste of energy.

Radiative Heat – Using an infrared heater is great for lowering your heating bills because it’s very effective. An infrared heater does not heat up the air in an environment, it heats the objects or people in that environment directly. This is very good because if you have an air draft, it won’t carry away all the warm air in the room.

Combine It With Central Heating – A great way to save money is to use the central heating and the infrared heater at the same time. An easy way to do this is to lower your central heating’s thermostat by up to 15 degrees F than your regular value, and using the infrared space heater in the rooms you spend more time in.

Following these tricks can save you up to 50% of your heating bills.

Are Infrared Heaters Safe? – Radiant Heating and Health

Infrared heating is one of the safest heating systems available today. If you compare this type of heating with other popular options, it is the best system by far.

The most commonly used systems are those based on fuel, gas, coal, or wood. All these systems need a flame to work, and they also produce gas as a by-product. This gas is usually carbon monoxide, which is poisonous when it accumulates. In order to eliminate the poisonous gas, these heating systems need a good ventilation system, which makes them less energy-efficient.

Although these systems use a cheaper fuel for power than electricity, you need a place to store it. Storing a flammable fuel needs extra precautions because it can burn accidentally.

Infrared heaters are also safer than electric ones. Electric heaters tend to get very hot when they’re working and this can lead to serious burns. Infrared heaters keep their surface cool to the touch, or they get slightly warm but never hot.

Electric heaters get really hot, so hot that they need a safety feature to turn them off when there’s a danger of melting their casing or burning the electrical circuit.

As with any space heater, fire is the main concern when it comes to infrared units. These are generally viewed as safe models, but you should still be careful when using one. Make sure nothing obstructs it when it’s working, and don’t place a flammable object very close to it.

Due to the fact that infrared space heaters don’t warm up and don’t dry the air in the room, they are great at heating children rooms. Their surface doesn’t get hot enough to cause burns, and the air keeps its normal humidity, making sure the children, especially the baby’s skin stays moist. A humid air is also essential for the eyes and throat. Dry air can lead to itches, and children can also develop conjunctivitis from scratching their eyes too often.

Infrared light and radiation can also act on microbe molecules, destroying several categories of germs. This is very good for people who suffer from allergies.

Having humid air in a room is also very important for people who suffer from, allergies and/or asthma. Dry air can exacerbate several winter illnesses, like bronchitis or sinusitis, so it’s better to avoid it.

Follow these simple safety tips to make sure your infrared space heater will never be a hazard to your home and family.

Infrared Space Heater Safety Guidelines

Infrared space heaters are safe, but you should always be careful and follow these simple tricks to make sure they won’t represent a hazard.

  1. Use a Heavy-Duty Extension Cord – All manufacturers agree that you should only plug heaters in wall outlets, but sometimes that’s not possible. If you have to use an extension cord, make sure it’s a heavy-duty one specially designed to withstand higher currents. The extension cord should be 14-gauge or larger. Even if the extension cord is this thick, make sure it’s the shortest one possible.
  2. Keep in mind that every time you use an extension cord, you create a tripping hazard, so try to position the cord away from well-circulated areas of the house.
  3. Keep The Heater Clear – Make sure that every time the heater is running, there is nothing in front of it that might obstruct it. As a precaution, you should never place objects on top of the heater, even if it stays cool to the touch.
    Like every space heater, you should have a 3 feet “kid safe” zone around the infrared heater whenever it’s working.
  4. Don’t Leave It Running – Make sure you don’t leave the infrared heater running for an extremely long time. The easiest way to do it is to shut it down every time you leave the room. Other ways of accomplishing this are buying a space heater with an automatic shutoff safety feature, or a programmable timer.
  5. Buy Certified Space Heaters – When you’re looking for an infrared space heater, make sure the model you choose it’s certified by an independent and renowned testing facility, like ETL or UL. This certification is marked by a seal.
  6. Make Sure It’s The Right Size – Oversized space heaters consume more energy than necessary for the designated space, and there is a chance of overheating the room, making the unit less energy-efficient. Most manufacturers provide a sizing table you can use to find the right fit for your needs.
  7. Place The Heater Away From Traffic – Always make sure you place the space heater away from the most circulated areas in the room. There is always a tripping hazard when you put something on the floor, especially at night. You must be especially careful if there are any elderly, children, or pets in your household.
  8. Buy Models With More Safety Features – Nowadays there are many safety features available for space heaters, so make sure the model you’re about to buy has many of them. Here are some of the most important safety features you should look for
  9. Tip-over Safety – This safety switch automatically turns off the heater if the unit tips over, or if it falls.
  10. Timer or Automatic Shut Off – If the heater doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature, make sure to set the timer every time you leave the house or when you’re sleeping.
  11. Surrounding Grill – Infrared heaters don’t get hot, but it’s best to have a grill protecting the heating elements, especially if you have children in your household.


Infrared heaters are some of the best space heaters available on the market today. Using them has many advantages, and they are becoming more popular each year.

Infrared Heating is considered environmentally friendly because almost 100% of the energy it uses is transformed into heat, making infrared heaters very energy-efficient.

Finding the best infrared heater is closely related to the reason you’re looking for one. Read our infrared heater reviews and the short buying guide to learn which model is better suited for children, which should be placed in your garage, or which of them can warm you up even when you use them outside.

You’ll be able to find the right model if you take the time to make an informed decision, no matter why you’re buying one.

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