Most Energy Efficient Space Heater (Reviews of Top 6 in 2017)

Lowering your central air heating thermostat with up to 12 degrees F can lower your heating bills by up to 30%.

But did you know that using a space heater can keep your home at a comfortable temperature even with the central heating turned off?

The following article will help you find the most energy efficient space heater for your house, and show you which are the best features it should have.

Read our comprehensive buying guide to find out how to increase your home’s heating efficiency, and how to use the space heater efficiently.

Compare the best selling efficient space heaters reviews in 2017.

Learn the features efficient space heaters should have, and how to use them correctly.

Using space heaters will lower your heating bills while keeping your home’s temperature at comfortable levels, so why not try it?

energy efficient space heater reviews
  • DeLonghi HMP1500
  • Type: panel heater
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 144 sq ft
  • Settings: high for 1500-Watt and low for 750-Watt
  • Timer: no
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 27.24" x 22.5" x 9.84"
  • Other features: Anti-Freeze Setting, Automatic Shutoff, Nonslip Base, Thermostat, Tip-Over Safety Switch, Wheels, 120 volts,
most energy efficient electric space heater
  • Dr. Infrared Heater Dr968
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1000 sq ft
  • Settings: Energy saving Auto Mode, high and low
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • UL Listed
  • Dimensions: 13" x 16" x 12"
  • Other features: Automatic Shutoff, Cool-to-the-Touch, Digital Display, Energy-Saving Modes, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, Tip-Over Safety Switch
most energy efficient space heater
  • Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK
  • Type: stove heater,
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 400 sq ft
  • Settings: 1
  • Timer: no
  • UL Listed
  • Dimensions: 10.75" x 22.75" x 21"
  • Other features: 4600 BTUs/h, Adjustable Flame, Adjustable Thermostat, 120 volts, Overheat protection, requires no venting or gas lines
energy saving space heaters
  • Lasko 6462
  • Type: ceramic
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 300 sq ft
  • Settings: high heat, low heat, plus auto (thermostat controlled)
  • Timer: no
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 25" x 11" x 11"
  • Other features: Digital Display, Nonslip Base, Oscillation, Remote Control, Thermostat, built in safety features
energy efficient space heater for large room
  • Lifesmart LS-6BPIQH-X-IN
  • Type: infrared
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 1400 sq ft
  • Settings: high, low and 500-Watt eco setting
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 16.5" x 17" x 13.2"
  • Other features: Automatic Shutoff, Digital Display, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, Tip-Over Safety Switch, Wheels
most efficient home heating system
  • Vornado AVH2
  • Type: fan heater
  • Power: electric
  • Watts: 1500
  • Area heated: 200 sq ft
  • Settings: 2 (750W/1500W) with fan-only option
  • Timer: 12-hour
  • ETL Listed
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 11.9" x 11.8"
  • Other features: Automatic Shutoff, Cool-to-the-Touch, Digital Display, Thermostat, Timer, Tip-Over Safety Switch

Top 6 Most Efficient Space Heaters

Duraflame Maxwell Electric Stove with Heater

most energy efficient space heaterThis space heater produces up to 4,600 BTU of warm air, which should provide enough heating for a surface of up to 400 square feet.

The electric stove has a nice, antique appearance and it’s freestanding so you can move it from room to room if you want to, unlike a mantel fireplace. The whole construction is made out of metal and it has an operational door. Even though it’s lightweight, the construction seems durable

The flame effect is realistic and relaxing, and it can be operated independently from the heating, so you can use the stove all year long.

The heater’s surface stays cool to the touch when it’s working, so you can use it when children or pets are in the room.


  • Nice Design – This electric heater looks great. This is not a necessity for economical heaters, but it’s a plus. The construction has nice finishes, and the flames look real.
  • Safe – This space heater stays cool to the touch when it’s working, and has several extra safety features which make it great for parents or pet owners.


  • Terrible Customer Service – Every mass-manufactured product can have faults, it’s normal. But when the unit you received is faulty, you need to report this to customer service and they have to be professional about it. This doesn’t happen here.
  • Short Power Cord – This unit has a short power cord, so it might be difficult to place. You can remedy this by buying a heavy-duty extension cord, but that costs extra.


DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

energy efficient space heater reviewsDeLonghi’s panel heater is capable of producing up to 1,500 Watts of heat, enough for a room of up to 400 square feet, maybe even more if the room is properly insulated.

The modern, sleek design make this model a proper fit for any room. The heater’s unique mounting system reduces the footprint, so you can mount this unit almost everywhere, even in very crowded rooms. If you don’t want to mount the heater on a wall, you can always move it around on the casters included in the box.

The heating capacity, safety features, and the wall-mounting system make this model one of the best energy efficient electric heaters available on the market today.

The best thing about it is the mounting system. You can just hang it on a wall like you would a picture frame, so you’ll save a lot of room.


  • Very Safe – This unit has several safety features which make it great for people who have elderly, children, or pets in their household.
  • Small Footprint – This model is not really small, but it’s thin enough to have a small footprint overall. You can place this model almost everywhere, making sure you don’t lose a lot of space doing it.


  • Bad Thermostat – You cannot set the exact temperature you want to have in a room when using this heater, you have to choose a value between 1-6 and neighboring values are practically the same.
  • No Remote – This model does not have a remote control, so it might be inconvenient to place it somewhere hard to reach.


Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

most energy efficient electric space heaterThis model produces 1,500 Watts of heat, which should be a capacity enough for heating a room of up to 200 square feet.

Unlike most space heaters, this infrared space heater combines two heating systems to produce a high amount of heat quickly. The heater uses an infrared quartz tube which acts directly on the objects in front of it, without heating the air around them, and a PTC heating element which quickly warms the surrounding air.

This unit is small and has a compact design. The whole construction is supported by casters, for increased portability.

The space heater’s thermostat starts working when the unit is set in the automatic mode. A small fan pushes the warm air away from the heater, but it’s quiet so it shouldn’t bother you when it’s working.


  • Quiet – The fan won’t bother you when it starts working, so you’ll be able to sleep with this unit in the same room.
  • Two Heating Systems – This model uses two complementary heating systems, making it a good energy efficient space heater for large room.


  • Imprecise Thermostat – This unit’s thermostat is not very precise, so every time you set it, it arbitrarily stops and starts the unit when the temperature reaches a value roughly around the one you set. Sometimes it will stop the unit before the value is reached, other after it passes.
  • Remote Control Conflicts – This model’s remote control can interact with other household objects, so you might end up turning on your TV instead of the heater.


Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater

energy saving space heatersThis ceramic space heater can produce and distribute warm air in a full circle. You can set it to distribute the heat in 90-degrees, 170-degrees, or in 360-degrees. The heating capacity of 1,500 Watts and the dispersion pattern make it an energy efficient electric heater for home.

The nice and modern design make this unit a great addition to every household, no matter the room you place it in. You can either control the heater directly, using the digital buttons or remotely with a remote control. All the changes will appear on the unit’s display.

This model is tall, so the warm air will be dispersed at a higher level than that of other models, spreading it over a larger surface. The heater’s oscillation patterns make the air circulate further, making it great for large rooms.


  • Great Airflow Distribution – This unit produces and distributes the air in a circle, making it very effective at spreading the warm air throughout the room.
  • Remote Control – All of this unit’s settings can be changed with the remote control, making it very easy to use.


  • Loud – Sleeping next to this model might be difficult, so it might be better to place it in the furthest corner of the room from your bed.
  • No Tip-over Safety – This unit’s base is rather small, so it can fall easily. Not having a tip-over safety might make it a hazard, especially if you have pets or children in your household.


Lifesmart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater

energy efficient space heater for large roomThis might be the most efficient electric space heater in our list. This unit has 6 infrared heating elements which will produce enough warmth for a large room. You can also select one of the three energy-saving heating settings and use it in a smaller room like a low wattage space heater.

The unit has a nice metal cover which doesn’t get hot to the touch even when the heater is working at its highest capacity. The casing is supported by 4 casters, making it easy to move it around the house.

You can program the heater’s thermostat to turn on or off over 12 hours, so you can always be sure that your house will be warm when you come from work or when you go to sleep, increasing its efficiency.


  • Very Efficient – This unit is very efficient and it uses infrared heating technology, so you can use it in poorly insulated areas with great results, or you can even use it when you’re spending time outside to keep you warm.
  • Safe – This model uses infrared heating, so it stays cool to the touch when it’s working. This and the additional safety features make it safe enough to run near children or pets.


  • Noisy – This model is not quiet, especially when the fan is set on high. The sound might determine you to turn your TV’s volume up.
  • Remote Interference – The remote control can control other household appliances, and their remotes can control the heater. This can be unpleasant.


Vornado AVH2 Plus Whole Room Heater with Auto Climate Control

most efficient home heating systemThis space heater has four different operating modes. It is one of the best-rated units in our energy efficient space heater reviews.

The first heating mode produces 750 Watts of heat, enough to warm up a small room. The second heating mode produces 1,500 Watts of heat, enough for a medium to large room. The third operating mode just uses the fan to circulate the air around the room. The final operating mode allows the heater to automatically adjust the heat and fan speed to maintain a certain temperature.

The heater has a digital display which will show all the settings and a thermostat you can set for a period of up to 12 hours.

The patented air oscillating technology circulates the air around the room, resulting in a uniform temperature that can be maintained for a long period of time.

This heater has a protective case that stays cool to the touch when the unit is working, and several safety features ensure a hazard-free functionality.


  • Well-built And Compact – This unit is very well built, with a nice and small design. It doesn’t get hot to the touch and it’s very stable on the floor.
  • Good Air Distribution – This model’s heat distribution pattern makes it the most efficient room heater available on the market.


  • Not Quiet – While this model can’t be considered loud, it’s not quiet either. Most people will have trouble sleeping with a unit in the same room, especially if it’s set on high.
  • Pricey – This unit is very efficient, but there are other models out there with a greater heating capacity priced lower than it. Even though this is a good space heater, it’s not the greatest value for the money.


What to Look for in the Most Energy Efficient Space Heater?

what to look for in the most energy efficient space heaterChoosing the best energy saving space heaters depends on where you live, how cold it gets, whether your house is insulated or not, or how large is the surface you’re intending to use it in.

However, no matter what your answer is to the previous questions, here are some of the things every space heater should have.

  • Safety Features – Safety should always be the first thing you think about when buying a space heater. These units use a power source, sometimes a flammable one, to produce heat, which makes them a fire hazard. Here are the most important safety features your space heater should have.
  • Overheating Safety – Whenever the heater becomes too hot, this safety feature cuts the heater’s power, making sure it won’t harm your electric circuit or it won’t burn.
  • Tilt-over Safety – This safety feature turns the unit off if it tilts over or if it falls. This is a very important feature because once the heater falls, the heating elements may start a fire. This feature is recommended for every person that has elderly, pets, or children in their household.
  • Automatic Shut-off – This safety feature let the unit run a limited amount of time. After that time, the heater is turned off and you have to restart it.
  • Directional Air Flow – The most efficient home heating system won’t blow the warm air straight in front of it, but use a system to direct that airflow further into the room.
  • Wide Airflow Distribution – This type of technology is used by some space heaters. Instead of blowing the warm air directly in front of them, they push it at a wider angle, sometimes even very wide, like 170 degrees, or even 360 degrees.
  • Oscillation System – Many manufacturers use this kind of technology because it’s very efficient. The warm air is pushed straight forward by the heating elements, but moving thin blades direct it around the room. This ensures an even temperature around the room.
  • Patented Airflow – Some manufacturers prefer using a one-of-a-kind airflow distribution system when it comes to their products. They are usually good, pushing the warm air further around the room, covering larger spaces.
  • Special Controls – Some low cost electric heaters just have an On/Off button, but efficient heaters usually have more controls, so you can be sure they work properly even when you’re away, or when you’re sleeping. Here are some of the controls your space heater should have.
  • Timer – Having a timer is crucial for every low energy space heater because a timer lets the heater work for as long as you want it when you want it. You can use it to make sure your home will be warm when you arrive from work, but without having it run all day wasting energy.
  • Thermostat – A thermostat measures the room’s temperature and turns the heater on or off when the temperature needs adjustment. A thermostat helps with conserving energy because it turns the unit on only when needed. This is a feature cost effective electric heaters use to run properly.
  • Daily Programmer – This kind of programmer lets you set the room’s temperature at certain periods throughout the day. This is a great way to make sure the heater is not running when you’re away for work, but that the temperature is exactly as you want it when you return home.
  • Smart Heating – This is the latest technology used for controlling the heating. Smart thermostats come with an app you install on your phone, and you can control the room’s temperature and make all the necessary adjustments from all over the world, as long as you can connect to the internet.
  • Portability Features – You should be able to move the space heater around the house if you want to use it for several rooms, or for zonal heating. Here are some of the features that help you with that.
  • Casters – Casters support the space heater and allow you to roll it over from room to room, without having to lift it. The main disadvantage of having casters is that they can get stuck in carpets, and you still have to lift the whole unit when you want to roll it over thresholds or stairs.
  • Handles – Handles are usually used for lighter, slimmer units. They provide a secure way to move the space heater around the house. Their main disadvantage is the fact that you have to carry the unit around the house, and that is not always comfortable.

How to Increase Home Heating Efficiency

Increasing your home’s heating efficiency is essential when you want to lower your heating bills. Here are some tips you should follow if you want to have a well-heated house and save some money.

  • Insulation

    how to increase home heating efficiencyInsulation is one of the best things you can do to lower your house heating bills in the winter, and keeping them low in the summer when you use air conditioning, as well. A well-insulated house has fewer leaks, and the exterior walls of the house exchange less heat with the outside environment, preserving the warmth inside. The main downside of insulating a house is the price. Unfortunately, insulation is still on the expensive side, so many people think twice about getting it.

  • Seal The Gaps

    All the things coming from outside in your house passed through a hole in the exterior wall. When electrical cables, pipes, and gas lines are installed, the gap is filled with a bulky material, like caulk. This caulk can deteriorate over time, sometimes even fall off altogether, and warm air can escape through the gap. Make sure all the gaps are properly sealed with new caulk before the cold season starts.

  • Replace The Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping is the rubbery or foamy material around your doors and windows. This material is placed there with the purpose of keeping the air drafts to a minimum and to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. The weatherstripping is constantly worn by opening and closing the doors or windows, not to mention it withstands the constant assault of the cold and hot temperatures. Over time, the weatherstripping starts failing its purpose and lets the cold air in. Up to 12% of the total heat loss in a house occurs around doors and windows, so making replacing the weatherstripping once every few years can make a big difference.

  • Repair Your Ducts

    If your house has central air heating, it has air ducts as well. These air ducts can usually be accessed in the basement or in the attic. You need to check the ducts for wear and tear. Up to 30% of the air moving through the ducts can leak because of holes or leaks. Make sure you identify them and cover them with metal tape or mastic sealant before the cold season starts to minimize your loses. These repairs will pay off in the summer as well when you use air conditioners.

  • Replace Your Thermostat

    Most people have the same thermostat since the building they live in was built. That might have been the top of the line product of that day, but now smart thermostats are developed. A new programmable thermostat can save you up to 12% of the heating bills. All you need to do is set it according to your schedule. Keep the temperature comfortable when you’re at home, but lower it when nobody in the household is around. You can even set it lower for a few hours at night when you’re sleeping comfortable under blankets.

Space Heaters vs Central Heating for Reducing Home Heating Costs

space heaters vs central heating system

Central heating is great, no doubt about it. But central heating is usually expensive, and you can reduce these expenses by using a separate heating system, like a space heater.

Here are some tips you should follow if you want to reduce your heating costs:

  • Heat Only The Rooms You Use – One of the main downsides of using central air heating is the fact that you can’t heat only a part of the house, you heat all of it. This might not be a problem if you don’t have spare rooms, but if you have even a single room you don’t use regularly, you can save some money. Instead of throwing money away by heating all the house, use space heaters to spread warmth only in the ones you use regularly
  • Lower The Thermostat’s Temperature – If the temperatures outside are really low, you can’t just warm up some rooms, because you’ll be cold when you walk through the hallways, or in larger rooms. The best thing you can do is to set the central air heating’s thermostat by up to 15 degrees F lower than you would normally, allowing it to produce some warmth. Place a space heater in the rooms you use more often.
  • Turn Off The Central Air Heating – There is a popular myth that it’s harder and more expensive to reheat a house than it is to keep the heat running at all times. This is far from the truth. When you live for work, or even when you’re going to sleep at night, you can turn off the central heating and let one or two space heaters running in strategic places throughout the house to maintain the temperature. This can save you up a lot of money in the long run.
  • Use Portable Space Heaters – You don’t need many space heaters to keep a comfortable temperature around the house. All you need is a high efficiency space heater you can move from room to room every time you do. This might seem tedious at first, but you only lose about 1 minute to turn the unit off, unplug it and take it with you. This minute will save you a lot of money if you keep the central air heating off and use a space heater instead.
  • Space Heaters Have Minimal Loses – Central air heating uses ducts to transport air. Even a small tear in the duct can lead to loss of air, making the unit less energy-efficient. The most efficient portable heater you can buy has minimal loss. Almost all the power it uses to run is directly converted in warm air, so it very energy-efficient.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Unlike central air heater which requires periodic maintenance and cleaning, space heaters need minimal cleaning done before the cold season starts, and up to two times every month after you start using it, depending on the model.


Finding the most energy efficient space heater is not as simple as it seems. You need to take a lot of factors into consideration. Do you want to use the heater in a small or in a large room? Do you want it to produce enough heat for more than one room, or even your whole house? Do you want a unit you can use even outside when you feel like it?

Answering these questions will bring you closer to finding the right model for your particular needs. Read our quick buying guide and learn which features are a must for an efficient space heater, and which you can do without.

Check out our reviews to find the best selling efficient space heaters in 2017.

A good space heater will lower your heating bills and will make your house more comfortable during the cold season.

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